What Gifts Are You Giving For Christmas?

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What's in your box?
What’s in your box?

Every commercial, ad and sign is talking about what you NEED TO GET for Christmas this year. And though I can appreciate gadgets as much as the next, I really like to think more about what I can get other people than what I am going to get myself. I’ve always had a tough time making a Christmas list, maybe because I forget that I need anything, or maybe because when I think about it, I don’t actually NEED anything. Whatever the case, it’s always more exciting to me to give gifts this time of year.

What Are You Giving For Christmas?

So, since I get excited about giving and seeing others give, I wanted to pose this question to everyone out there? What gifts are you giving this year? Now, this doesn’t have to be a brag-fest, and there will be no judging on my part whether it’s a small or big gift, whether it’s material or not. I just want everyone to share a few of the gifts that they are excited about giving.

What Am I Giving?

Ok, I’ll start this game:

Personalized Coasters: Michelle is crafty. In an AWESOME way! 🙂 She’s making some personalized custom coasters (thanks pinterest!) for a relative on her side of the family. They’re the coolest looking ones I’ve ever seen, srsly!

Garden Markers Made With Old Bricks: Ok, writing this down reminds me that I never made a detailed post about our patio! DOH! Oh well, either way, we have some awesome old bricks (almost 100 years old, to be exact-ish), and Michelle is making garden markers out of them. I’m not sure who this is for, but hopefully they aren’t readin this blog, lol!

Wooden Toys From Consignment: Michelle is the queen of thrift. She found some AWESOME wooden toys at a consignment shop that she frequents, and cleaned them up for Nolan. He loves his current wooden toys, so I know he’ll dig these. Plus, they were super cheap, and will last a long time (but not 1,213,234 years like plastic toys). I’m kinda jealous, and am hoping for wooden blocks myself!

Painted Glass Bottles: Again, not sure who these are for, sorry if I ruined the surprise, but Michelle made some awesome painted glass bottles for decorations and to be flowers vases. Thanks again to pinterest for the inspiration.


So how about you? What gifts are you excited to give this year?


And speaking of giving, we’re giving away an iPAD 3!! I’m excited for whomever wins this prize, not only because it’s epic, but because I’m pretty sure my site looks amazing on Safari for iPad 😉


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Jacob Wade

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34 thoughts on “What Gifts Are You Giving For Christmas?”

  1. Those are some pretty sweet gift ideas (loved the personalized coasters).

    We are giving most of the family pictures of our little guy and some “artisan” marshmellows (they are pretty tasty I’m not going to lie). We also have some other things people want like books or some jeans or some small toys for our neices and nephew. Nothing too exciting here.

  2. I have to say that those personal coasters sound beautiful. And I love wooden toys. They are very popular in Germany and one year I was there in November and they looked lovely in all of the outdoor Christmas markets.

    Our family actually stopped exchanging gifts along time ago. I do remember the years though when I would struggle to come up with ideas of what I wanted to buy each person, but at least once every year I would think of one incredible idea for one specific person, and that was exciting.

  3. Well I’ve got mainly women in my family, so I’ve giving a lot of clothing and accessories this year. But my dad’s gift is the best. Home movies from his childhood digitized. He probably hasn’t seen the films since he was a kid! Can’t wait til he gets it!

  4. We draw names and we all give a list of what we would like at the beginning of the year. We only have to buy for 2 people so not much action over here. We picked up a $100GC to a shop in the mall, cologne, Flat Panel Bracket,and some odds and ends…Easy! Cheers!

  5. We are giving the kids some things for Christmas this year, but certainly keeping things in check. One of them desperately needs a new bike, but the others are mostly getting (used) books and a few smaller gifts. Regardless, I know that they will be thrilled on Christmas morning.

  6. This year the grandparents are getting Walmart gift cards (sounds lame and I don’t love Walmart, but they live in a rural area and it’s really the only store in town). They’re on a limited budget so I know it will help them out. Mom’s getting an amazon gift card to download books to the kindle we bought her last year. Their other gifts are the plane tickets the bf and I paid for to fly them to our house, and we’re going to Nice Work if You Can Get it next Sunday on Broadway. Still not sure what to get the BF- he has everything he needs and we’ve said we’re not doing gifts this year (but last year we said that and I got an ipod touch-so we’ll see).

    • Flying your parents out sounds like a great gift. I’m sure getting to see them is gift enough for both of you. 🙂

      And yes, saying “no gifts” to a siginificant other never works, lol.

  7. My husband and I are giving each other a hand truck (so we can stop hiring someone to move things…ie our 3 freezers!) Frugal AND practical gift! 🙂 Our grandchildren are receiving a box of collected (and cleaned) thrifted items…very neat! Our kids are getting a small check! We’re done here! Yea! Really like your wife’s creative talent…great ideas! Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Cheeryshirley

  8. Hmm…I’m giving my sister an awesome book that I’m really excited about, and of course I’m giving my fiance a bunch of cool stuff that I really think he’ll enjoy. I’m usually all over the personalized/handmade stuff but this year I really wasn’t into that. Oh well!


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