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Jacob Wade

Hi. I’m Jacob.

Hey! Welcome to Roadmap Money. I’m Jacob Wade, and I’m here to show you how to build a life you love with the money you already have. I help working professionals put their money to work, building wealth faster than they ever thought possible by following the roadmap to financial freedom. Oh, and a simple budget that works.

I started Roadmap Money to help someone just like you. Overworked. Overstressed. And looking for a way to save more, invest more, and enjoy your money more without waiting until retirement.

I’m also a nationally-recognized personal finance expert and writer for sites like The Balance and Investing Answers. I’ve been a featured expert on CBS News, MSN Money, Forbes, Nasdaq, Yahoo! Finance, Go Banking Rates, and AOL Finance.

In 2018, I quit my job and our family decided to sell everything (including our home) to take off on an adventure. We traveled the country in an RV for nearly 3 years, visiting over 38 states, 20+ national parks and eventually settling in the Gulf Coast of Florida.

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