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Ok, here’s the deal. Most, if not all, of you shop online. Let’s face it. It’s convenient (no getting off my butt to buy stuff) and usually cheaper (no storefront = less overhead costs = savings to you) and can be downright frustrating!

Where do I find the best deal? How much is shipping? Does this product even have good reviews?

These questions run through your head every time it’s time to make a purchase online. And they should. Finding the best deal on ANYTHING takes some research and thought to make sure you are getting the best product for the best price. But today I want to talk about a ridiculously awesome FREE tool that answers all those questions and more in a nice, tidy package built right into your internet browser.

Enter: Priceblink

It was about 3 weeks ago that my wife somehow stumbled upon this tool. It was a typical Tuesday night and we were hanging out with the baby and picking up the living room after an exciting romp with our 2-year-old, toys strewn about in the aftermath. He was asleep, and my wife was reading some naturopath website, or finding wicked awesome recipes on Pinterest, or redecorating our house in her head, not really sure what. But she saw something about this browser add-on that can find the best deals on whatever it is you’re searching for.

Michelle: “Hey, attractive husband, check out this thing I found. Sounds like something that can save us time and money, and it’s FREE!”

Me: “FREE? That word is music to my ears! What is this magical thing you speak of?

Michelle: “Well, it’s called Priceblink, and I’m downloading it right now. Come check it out.”

Me: “Sweet. Thanks, attractive wife! Beauty and brains? Can’t believe I got so lucky!”

After we had it installed, it walked is through how to use it. Super easy.

How It Works

After our tutorial, we were off to test it out. We needed some outside wireless motion sensor lights, so I decided to do a quick search and see if I could find a better deal. I searched out Mr. Beams LED motion sensor lights, and found them for $24.99 at Home Depot. Not bad.

But then after the page loaded, the Priceblink Toolbar loaded and showed me the same item for $19.99 at Amazon. Sweet! But even better, the lowest price was eBay at $19.99 plus FREE SHIPPING. The Priceblink tool showed the lowest cost and includes shipping in its comparison! How awesome is that?

We ended up going with Amazon, because we have a Prime trial, but wow, what a powerful tool. So I decided to show you how it works with some screen shots when searching for a Home Theater System.

1. I search out this Samsung home theater system and clicked on the Newegg.com link, as they usually have awesome prices. Not a bad setup for $249.99

Priceblink 1

2. Once the Priceblink toolbar loaded, I saw the best price was on eBay for only $184.95! And that even includes free shipping. There was even an option for a Used item on eBay if I so desired.

Priceblink Deals

3. But I still wasn’t sold. I wanted to know if this was a highly rated product. BUT WAIT! Priceblink aggregates all the reviews form the various online retailers, with links directly to the reviews! I was able to check out Best Buy and Amazon views with a click of the mouse!

Priceblink Reviews

4. But what about coupons? HEY HEY! Priceblink has coupons for the website built right in! Unfortunately, they are not related to my product on this site, and there are no eBay coupons.

Priceblink Coupons

And here’s a quick video demo of how the tool works, straight from the install page:

Wish List

Here’s another cool feature. Say you don’t want to buy the item now, but you want to keep track of it for the future. You can add it to your “Wish List” and it’ll save the item for future shopping. BUT! You can also set a price for which you want to buy the item at. And here’s what Priceblink does, straight from their website, “We’ll monitor prices on that product every day and send you an email when the product hits your trigger price.”

BOOM! Can’t beat it!

Download Now And Stop Wasting Time And Money

I do not receive a commission from this product, and I was not paid to endorse this at all. I (my wife) just stumbled on it a few weeks ago, and thought it was too cool not to share! I recommend everyone who can, go download this right now to at least give it a shot. Might as well have a tool find the best deals for you!

Just head on over to www.priceblink.com and you can install it on your Safari, iPad, Firefox or Chrome browser (sorry IE).

Standard Warning

Of course, this tool is not an excuse to waste money on crap that you don’t need. Only use this when shopping for something you’ve already carefully planned for. Get on a flippin’ sweet budget and start rockin’ your finances in a BIG WAY before trying out this tool 🙂

Comments: Has anyone used this tool? I can’t believe it took me this long to find it. Any other recommendations on how to save money when shopping online?

photo credit: Priceblink.com

Jacob Wade

Jacob Wade

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  1. Always neat to have a new tool. I’ve been using websites like PriceGrabber and Google Shopping to do this sort of comparison shopping (or AddAll or Kayak for specific products). Would be cool to have it integrated like the toolbar you found

  2. I have never heard of Priceblink before now, so thanks for posting about it. Comparison shopping is really frustrating. It can take FOREVER to find the best price on something and you’re never quite sure whether it actually is the best price (or maybe I’m just paranoid about paying more than I should). I wonder if it is available in Canada.


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