Redecorate for Zero Dollars

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This post was written by my lovely wife, Michelle. Thanks sweety!

Jake’s been talking a little about our “Redecorate for Zero Dollars” series.  So here’s a little intro:

This seriously all started with my Naked Lady Party.  We had a lot of left over clothes so I went to a local thrift shop to donate them.  I decided to take a quick peek inside, looking for potential treasures, and found this beauty.


So then I left after a little slap on my own wrist and a reminder that I already have enough couches.  Got home, posted this pic on facebook and showed Jake.  A few encouraging comments later Jake is telling me that I can get it if I sell something else.  DONE.  So I guess technically I took a loan out against myself…and borrowed the $30 to buy the couch.  Don’t worry I sold something to cover the cost shortly after.  I had a couple ideas of what to do with it but mostly I was just letting the sofa speak to me.

So begins the tally of selling and buying….which I’ll go into later 🙂  I know you’re dying  to know, but remember, this is just the intro 😉

Right now I’m $100 ahead, just took a trip to IKEA and we’re working on a completely different room now.  We’ve got something big in the works so stay tuned!

Here’s what we’re starting with….

Office Pic 1

Terrifying, I know….yes, we live like this. (Not really, this is a spare room)Office Pic 2

(side note: there used to be a table and a desk in here, which I sold to cover the couch cost plus some….so that’s why it’s extra bad right now.)

Stay tuned to see if we can actually fix this mess for zero dollars!

Jacob Wade

Jacob Wade

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37 thoughts on “Redecorate for Zero Dollars”

  1. That room is a little terrifying! It might be enough for me to just close the door and forget it was there! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  2. Holy crap this post is amazing. I am so excited to read the next installment!!! ANd PS/ your junk room looks just like mine. Except I have a futon instead of a couch.

  3. A very admirable goal. I’ve always found that decorating gets postponed due to lack of money or time. If you can do it for zero dollars, you’ve removed half the obstacles!

    Good luck!

  4. Thrift stores are always a little dangerous for me. I go to drop off a bag of stuff and come home with two. At least I usually get a good deal and am helping others in the process (that’s how I “justify” my thrifting) 😉 Looking forward to seeing how everything turns out.


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