How To Use Christmas Lights Year-Round (Without Being A Redneck)

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We have a neighbor that not only leaves their Christmas lights up year-round, but uses them every night. Michelle wants to take a BB gun to each and every light. Wrestling the gun out of her hands, I explain to her that there’s isn’t a cure for redneck, and that they probably have bigger guns, so we should probably just let it happen and drive another road home as not to insight instant rage. Sure, they may or may not have big, dead trucks parked in their lawn as well, but you know, it’s their prerogative, and since they are not living in our direct neighborhood, our house will not feel the economic impact of the neighborhood house values declining. But that got me thinking about how people may be able to use their lights WITHOUT looking like a hillbilly.

How To Use Christmas Lights Year-Round

Those sparkly lights that brighten every kid’s eyes as they pass through neighborhoods during the holidays don’t always have to be packed away on December 26th every year. There are MANY other ways to re-purpose those lights during the spring and summer months. Here are some ways we have used them or are going to use them:

Lighting an evening outdoor wedding. We flew out to Florida for a family wedding and then a cruise. The wedding was in a Pinterest-worthy setting; on a few acres of farmland, with trees along the driveway into the barn. We hooked together a TON of white lights throughout the trees, guiding guests through the pathway to the wedding area. Once the sun went down, it felt like something out of the movie Avatar, with bright lights floating closely overhead, crickets chirping in the warm summer night, and a BEAUTIFUL wedding.

Christmas Lights Wedding

Romantic bedroom lighting. Again, white lights are the best for this. We’ve wrapped a few strings of white lights over our four-poster bed, as well as around the window in our room. It’s the perfect dimmed lighting, and MUCH safer than a candle.

Pergola lighting over outdoor patio. We built a pergola and patio last summer, and this summer, we are going to run power out to it and light it up! We’ll most likely order everything to size online (click here for some sweet lighting options) so that we get EXACTLY what we need and not have to cut any of the strings. I’m thinking white lights (again) using BIG “Patio” light bulbs draped along the rafters of the pergola. Going to be pretty epic (srsly!)

Other Ideas

Mostly, just go to Pinterest.com and search “Christmas Lights Year Round” and check out all the amazing ideas which are WAY better than mine. Most of them are white lights (probably because they’re less obnoxious), but I’m sure there are some cool party ideas that include multi-colored lights as well.

As for our neighbors, maybe I should stop all the hating and just be proud of them for their frugal ways. They want to get the most out of their purchase, and I can definitely understand that. Sure, it’s looks hideous, but you know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder or some junk, so good on them.

Comments: Any of you out there use Christmas lights year round? How have you put them to use? Also, to any rednecks out there with big guns and stuff, I hope you do not find any offense at my jesting. I love big trucks, country music and BBQ, so you see, we’re on the same side. But you should probably get that dead 1977 Camaro off your lawn. It’s growing moldโ€ฆ.

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Jacob Wade

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35 thoughts on “How To Use Christmas Lights Year-Round (Without Being A Redneck)”

  1. Oops, looks like I need to color my neck red! ๐Ÿ™‚ Winter’s over, but I kind of liked it when a few of our neighbors kept their lights on for the drive home when it gets dark early. Why is the festive season so short, anyway?

  2. You really made me giggle describing your wife’s reaction! Although I am sure many of us lazier home owners would appreciate putting off the Christmas light cleanup, our HOA doesn’t allow lights up past New Year’s. You can get away with them on your back patio though.

    • The one time HOA’s are a good thing ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey, I gotta be honest, our light were there until like March, BUT I DID NOT EVER TURN THEM ON!!!

  3. Haha..I’m right there with Michelle–my next door neighbors keep their (very ugly and random) strings of colored lights on year-round on their front porch. My friends and I joke that it’s an easy way for ppl to find my house, but they’re hideous!!!

  4. YES, we use some of our Christmas lights year round – small white ones only! We are NOT avoiding taking them down, we just love white twinkle lights. We leave some wound in the bushes & garden in front of the house and some in the huge potted ficus plants. We also use them inside on the mantle, with appropriate seasonal decorations. Oh, and on the back patio~ ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • White seems like the least offensive, and if they help highlight some nice bushes and such, probably look good. Just no blow-up Santas in the yard, ok? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Interesting topic and tips lol. I keep my lights out all year but I have them set under so you can’t really see them at all. They are not all different colors either, just white. We don’t use them.I just didn’t want to run them and have to get up on all the different levels each year. Call me whatever you want, they’re staying. I have better things to do with my time!! Cheers

    • It’d be interesting, especially with the LED’s out now. But I HATE the LED Christmas light look, so probably wouldn’t save money if I used them daily

  6. I’ve never used Christmas lights after January, but I do like the wedding idea. Perhaps it could even become a side gig. Heck lights are cheap after Christmas.

    • You’ll love it! The ones we did looked magical, like a Disney theme park (they were actually ‘borrowed’ from Disneyworld, would you believe it?!)


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