COVID-19 Financial Resources: Relief To Those Impacted

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Latest Updates:

  • Second Stimulus Check approved, but only half the money. More details on the second stimulus checks here.
  • Unemployment benefits extra $300 per week through March 2021!
  • Federal Student Loan payments, interest, penalties suspended until January 2021! See Student Loan Relief section below for details.
  • Home Foreclosures and Rental Evictions moratorium extended.
    See who qualifies in Mortgage / Rent Relief section

Last updated – 12/21/2020 at 12pm EST

COVID-19 Financial Resources
Stimulus Checks For Taxpayers

Update 12/21/20: It took forever, but we finally made it. Second Stimulus Checks are going out, but at only half the previous amount.

Second Stimulus Check Details

  • $600 for individuals making under $75k
  • $1,200 for married couples making under $150k
  • $600 per qualifying child

See current details in my Second Stimulus Check article.

Update – Many Americans expecting a direct deposit did NOT receive it. Using the newly launched Get My Payment app from the IRS, many people reported seeing the wrong bank account info.

The IRS created a large FAQ page to address many concerns, but are not commenting on the “glitches” causing many to wait for their payment. For people who did NOT get paid due to incorrect bank info, the IRS says is will mail a check to their address.

First Stimulus Payment Summary:

Taxpayers earning up to $75,000 ($150,000 for married couples) per year would receive a $1,200 stimulus check, and payments go LOWER for those earning $76,000 – $99,000 ($151 – $198k for married couples) per year.

There is a new provision to also include Head of Household filers with income under $112,500 to receive a full check as well.

It also provides $500 per qualifying child (16 years old and under).

The latest copy of the bill can be found HERE


If you are under the income limits on your 2018 tax return ($75k – $99k), you would receive a payment. 

Head of Household filers under $112,500 would also receive a full payment.

You would also receive $500 per qualifying child.

If you earn $99,000 ($198,000 for married filing joint) or more, you would NOT receive a stimulus payment.

Head of Household filers earning over $136,500 would NOT receive a $1,200 stimulus payment, but would receive the $500 per qualifying child.

Complete details on my 2020 Stimulus Check article.

Stash your cash and earn some interest! CIT Bank has an industry-leading 1.60% interest rate in their Money Market account. Open an account with as little as $100!

Band & Credit Card Assistance

Update 3/24/20

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the FDIC has released guidance to banks and financial institutions on how to handle daily business.

Several banks have released statements to customers, letting them know they can call directly if they need help.

For more details, The Wirecutter has an decent updated list of banks that have corresponded with them directly on what relief options they are providing for their customers entails.

Credit card companies are starting to jump on the effort as well.

Many cards are letting customers skip their March payment, and waiving all interest for the month. Apple, American Express and CapitalOne agreed to this, and many others are jumping on board.


Banks & Credit Card companies will help you get familiar with the digital options of banking with them as they close down physical locations.

Some credit card companies are extending widespread relief from things like credit card interest and even skipping March payments.

Let’s hope this continues to more and more institutions.

If you do need help, at the urging of the FDIC, banks and financial institutions may be more lenient during this time, and allow things like delayed payments, interest forgiveness, Forbearance (pausing monthly payments) and Credit Line increases.

If you are financially affected by COVID-19, I encourage you to call your banks and credit card companies directly to see what your options are.


If you want to lower your interest rate (and monthly payment) while paying off credit card debt, consider a 0% interest card to transfer your balance to. 

Check out the top balance transfer credit cards, and check out my guide on how use them

Student Loan Relief

Update 3/27/20: The latest bill provides more relief. Federal Student Loans will NOT charge interest, and will NOT require monthly payments until after September 30th, 2020.

See ALL your options in my complete Student Loan Relief article.

The waiver on interest will apply automatically, and the new bill says you will also receive notice that you DO NOT need to make payments on your Federal loans until Sept. 30th either.

During this period, there will be no interest or penalties charged as well.

Note: This does NOT apply to those with Private Student Loans or government (state) loans. And it does NOT apply to school-held PERKINS loans either.


If you have a Federal Student Loan, this is great news, no interest, and you can delay payments until Sept. 30th, 2020. 

If you are working toward Student Loan Forgiveness, if you pause your payments, those months STILL count toward your qualifying payments, and will not delay your forgiveness date.

If you are financially impacted by COVID-19 and are struggling to make your regular payments, this may help give you some much-needed financial relief. 

Forbearance will be applied automatically to qualified loans. You should see NO payment due in your online service portal once it is in effect. I recommend using this extra cash to pile up in your Emergency Fund.

If you anticipate needing student loan relief LONGER than this, please talk to your service provider about Income Driven Repayment plans (IDR). 


Unfortunately, your private loans do NOT qualify for this program.

But refinancing might be a good option to lower your interest rate and payments, especially since interest rates a VERY LOW right now.

If you are considering refinancing to lower your interest rate (and monthly payment), I personally recommend checking out Credible. They compare ALL the top lenders for the best rates. It takes about 2 minutes and requires no credit check. 

If you have Private Student Loans, you may not qualify for relief, but a ReFi could help! See Latest ReFi Rates On Credible.com

Mortgage / Rent Relief

Update 04/02/20
The CARES bill now halts evictions and foreclosures on Federally- backed mortgages for those impacted by the COVID-19 Emergency.

Read ALL the details on Mortgage & Rent Relief in my complete guide

This moratorium on evictions and foreclosures helps both renters and landlords. Renters can stay in the home, and landlords don’t have to worry about missing the mortgage payments if they can’t afford them right now.

Mortgage forbearance must be requested, goes in to effect on Friday, 3/27/20, and will last for up to 180 days from approval. And you can extend for an additional 180 days if needed.

Also, for those same loans, there is a pause on Foreclosures between March 18th, and May 17th (60 days). So your lender cannot foreclose on your during this period.

For renters, evictions on federally-backed rental mortgages are paused for 120 days (starting March 27th). So, until September 23rd, 2020, rental properties with qualifying loans CANNOT evict, or charge extra fees for non-payment to their renters.

As always, renters, please contact your landlord, and landlords, please communicate clearly with your renters. This will help cause less heartache during this financial hardship.


You will NOT get kicked out of your home. Mortgage forbearance, foreclosures, and evictions are on hold in most circumstances.

To start mortgage forbearance, call your loan servicer and ask for “Elective Forbearance due to COVID-19.” You can elect up to 180 days ( I would), and you can stop forbearance at any time during that 180 days.

The pause on foreclosures allows you to stay in your home for an extra 60 days.

The pause on evictions is for up to 120-days, and will help you stay in your home as well.

If you are financially affected by COVID-19 and cannot make your mortgage payment, I encourage you to reach out to your mortgage servicer directly to find out what your options are. And Landlords and Renters need to work together on the best options right now.

For all the details, check out my complete COVID-19 Mortgage & Rent Relief Guide

School Lunches

School Lunch programs that offer free lunch to low-income households will continue, as the USDA has reached out to individual states to make provisions to ensure the school lunch programs stay active during the outbreak.

Many schools offering a “drive-up” style serving of lunch during school lunch hours.

In the epicenter of the outbreak in Washington State, Northshore is having bus drivers deliver school lunches as well.


If you are on a lunch assistance program, you can still get meals. Check with your local school district on how they are handling this.

Also, Ellen Sirull from “Mom & Work” is keeping a running list of where to get FREE meals for kids with schools closed. It’s a state-by-state breakdown list of how different schools are handling it.

Paid Sick Leave

If you find yourself out of work without access to paid sick leave, there is help.

For complete details on paid sick leave options, check out my full report HERE

There is a new bill that was created.

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act passed on Wednesday 3/18/20. Here are some of the details:

Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act

  • If you are diagnosed with COVID19, quarantined or cannot work due to school closures, you may qualify for sick pay
  • This is for employees of companies with less than 500 employees
  • Most workers can get up to 2-weeks of sick pay at their normal pay rate ($511/day max)
  • If you have kids with school closures and you are unable to work, you can get an additional 10-weeks of sick pay at a 66% pay rate ($200/day max)


If you are sick or quarantined, you can get two weeks’ worth of pay at your regular rate (Update 3/17/20: up to $511/day)

If a family member gets sick (or schools close), and are forced into quarantine or to take time away from work, you will get paid for up to two weeks of sick leave. This is a 66% paycheck, not the typical full amount, so adjust your budget accordingly. (Update 3/17/20: up to $200/day)

This means 2 weeks of NO MISSED PAYCHECKS to help during this crisis. (unless self-employed)

If you are out of work due to school closures for your children longer than the 2 weeks, the EFMLEA kicks in, and you can get paid at a 66% rate up to an additional 10 weeks out (Update 3/17/20: up to $200/day).

If you are unsure whether you will qualify for sick pay, please contact your HR department to find out.

Are you protected if you DO get sick? Make sure you consider getting life insurance, and check out our top term life insurance companies to get a free online quote within minutes!

Unemployment Claims

Update 08/09/20: The extra $600/week enhanced unemployment has ended as of July 31. But Trump just signed an Executive Order to give an extra $400/week until December 27th.

Update 5/26/20: The extra $600 per week ends on Jul 31st. But if you haven’t applied for unemployment yet, they will backdate your extra funds. So even if just your hours were cut, it’s worth applying.

Update 3/27/20: The New CARES Bill has passed, giving extra funds for Unemployment.

Update 3/19/20: The Coronavirus Response Act passed, allowing more people to qualify for COVID-19 related unemployment.

For complete details on Unemployment Insurance options, check out my full report HERE

The latest CARES Bill provides more unemployment options for gig-workers, freelancers and self-employed individuals.

It also adds an EXTRA $600 PER WEEK to those who are on unemployment for COVID-19 related reasons (for up to 4 months). These funds should start distributing in April, but it’s been quite the undertaking to get this operationalized. And outdated computer systems in many states are causing further delays!

The new CARES Act also gives an additional 13 weeks of unemployment, on top of the states traditional limit (26 weeks in most states), which means many states are offering up to 39 weeks of unemployment benefits (extension ends Dec. 31, 2020)

Related: Check out which states have updated their unemployment policies using the chart in this post.

According to the Department of Labor, here are the added people who qualify for unemployment:

  1. An employer temporarily ceases operations due to COVID-19, preventing employees from coming to work
  2. An individual is quarantined with the expectation of returning to work after the quarantine is over; and
  3. An individual leaves employment due to a risk of exposure or infection or to care for a family member. In addition, federal law does not require an employee to quit in order to receive benefits due to the impact of COVID-19.


If any of the 3 scenarios apply to you, you can apply for unemployment. 

And in addition to your regular unemployment payments, you will receive an extra $600 per week for up to 4 months. Payment applies to claims retroactive starting March 29, 2020). Program ends July 31, 2020.

Update: Trump extends PUA until December 27th, at a rate of $400/week.

There is also en extensions for ALL states, which in total, could be up to 39 weeks (depending on the state) of unemployment benefits for many workers.

Remember, if you are receiving sick pay or paid family leave (FMLA), you still qualified as “employed”, and should NOT be applying for unemployment benefits until after those are exhausted.

Note: Please contact your local Unemployment Office for more details.

Tax Relief

Update 3/20/20: Trump administration announces it will postpone tax payments owed on April 15th for 90 days (for most individuals).

Also just announced, TAX DAY has just been changed from April 15th to July 15th.

The IRS has set up a Special Page to address any updates to tax policy due to the Coronavirus. 

Also, your High-Deductible Health Plan will cover the costs of Coronavirus testing and treatment without losing their status as an HDHP plan.


You now have until July 15th to file your tax return and make your tax payments.

Here’s my advice:

If you are expecting to get a return, still file as soon as possible so you can get that cash in your hands ASAP.

If you expect to owe, wait until July to file and pay so you can hold on to your cash as long as possible.

Remember, some states are still requiring that you file your state return on April 15th. TurboTax (who I am using this year for my taxes) has the updated dates for Federal and State tax returns on their COVID-19 Updates Page

Utilities, Internet and Phones

With the loss income for millions, there are many companies stepping up and offering to DELAY cutting people off for non-payment.

Local utility companies in many counties and states have stopped shutting off utility services for businesses and individuals who cannot pay at this time.

And many telecom companies are doing the same, keeping internet and phone services in place even with missed payments.


If you are unable to pay your utility bills (electricity, water, gas), or your internet or home phone bills, you may still have service during the outbreak.

Call your utility companies if you are unable to make payment, and discuss your options.

For internet and home telephone services, the FCC has put together a list of telecom companies that are committing to “Keep America Connected“.

This means that they will NOT terminate service during the outbreak, and will NOT change late fees due to non-payment.

Small Business Relief

Update: 4/27/20: New bill passed to add more funding for the PPP and EIDL programs. New applications are now being accepted. See updates on the SBA page.

Update 4/16/20: The SBA has announced that they have RUN OUT OF FUNDING! This means there is no money for any new applications.

The new CARES Act has added over $300 Billion in small business relief, which will help them cover immediate expenses.

This includes things like:

  • Payroll expenses 
  • Paid sick leave
  • Mortgage or lease
  • Other business obligations that can’t be met due to COVID-19 impact

These funds will be distributed through 2 main programs for business that have been in operation before Feb. 15th, 2020:

Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program

The EIDL program gives small businesses (under 500 employees) emergency funding to help cover the cost of running your business right now (up to $2 Million). The loans are 30-year loans at 3.75% (2.75% for non-profits) and are in place to help cover your business costs if interrupted by the outbreak.

And to help business owners, the first payment on the loan is delayed for 12 months from the date of the promissory note.

Oh, and by the way….this includes sole-proprietor and independent contractors as well!

The EIDL even provides up to $10,000 funded IMMEDIATELY (within 3 days of applying) to cover your expenses, and here’s the thing:

  • This first $10,000 is approved based on credit score and your own “self certification” of COVID-19 financial impact to your business. And you will NOT HAVE TO PAY IT BACK if you use it for approved expenses (payroll, mortgage/lease, paid sick leave, etc.). 
  • And what’s more, they will NOT ask for it back if you end up NOT being approved for additional EIDL funding after they review your application.
  • This is like a FREE cash advance for your business that you DO NOT have to pay back, and you get the money REGARDLESS of future decisions on your application.

Funds are limited ($10 Billion nationwide funding), so check out the SBA website to apply today.

Paycheck Protection Program

Most of the money ($350 Billion) is allocated toward the PPP, which is designed to help small businesses (under 500 employees) keep up on their expenses in the longer term, and has more generous terms compared to the EIDL program.

Related: To get the full breakdown on the PPP, check out this detailed article from a multiple-small business owner.

Here are the highlights:

  • This program is funded through your local business banking partner. The SBA is working with over 1,800 banks, and adding more daily.
  • Gig-workers, freelances and self-employed individuals are eligible.
  • Loans are up to the lesser of $10 Million or 2.5 times your monthly payroll (for employee pay up to $100k/yr.). Also covers paid sick leave, healthcare and other employee benefits.
  • Loan length up to 10 year, interest rate under 4%
  • Part of loan may be forgiven (aka FREE MONEY) if spent on “operating expenses” within first 8 weeks of loan. This includes payroll costs, utilities, rent/lease, and healthcare + other benefits.
  • First 6-12 months of payments are deferred 

The PPP can be a great option to “keep the lights on” for your business as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact our economy.


If your business has taken a hit (hint: MOST businesses have) due to the outbreak, these two programs help you pay the bills, and retain your key employees.

If you are a sole-proprietor, freelancer or gig-economy worker, I recommend checking out the EIDL for a quick influx of cash that you may NOT have to pay back (up to $10,000 based on what you pay your self monthly).

If you are a small business with employees and contractors, I recommend applying for the PPP, as it gives possibly MORE forgiveness and more flexible terms, possibly direct with your current small business bank.

Disclaimer: I am not your professional adviser. I am just sharing these details for informational purposes. Please consult with your CPA or other licensed professional before making these business decisions.

You can apply for the EIDL here funds have run out!

You can apply for the PPP here (or check with your local business bank) funds have run out!

For additional resources for small business financial relief, visit the SBA COVID-19 page

Food Assistance

Lots of extra funding for government food assistance programs. According to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act bill summary, here is what is being funded:

WIC. “$500 million to provide access to nutritious foods to low-income pregnant women or mothers with young children who lose their jobs or are laid off due to the COVID-19 emergency.”

“Senior Nutrition Program – Includes $250 million for the Senior Nutrition program in the Administration for Community Living (ACL) to provide approximately 25 million additional home-delivered and pre-packaged meals to low-income seniors who depend on the Senior Nutrition programs in their communities.”

TEFAP. “$400 million to assist local food banks to meet increased demand for low-income Americans during the emergency. Of the total, $300 million is for the purchase of nutritious foods and $100 million is to support the storage and distribution of the foods. “

“In addition –  The legislation includes a general provision that allows the Department of Agriculture to approve state plans to provide emergency Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) food assistance to households with children who would otherwise receive free or reduced-price meals if not for their schools being closed due to the COVID-19 emergency. In order to be eligible, the child’s school must be closed for no less than 5 consecutive days.”


There will be financial assistance available through these programs in cases of job loss to ensure you have food or money available for food.

It also means food banks are receiving support to stock up and distribute food as well.

Please contact your local food bank for more information.

Free Medical Testing

There is also a provision in the Families First Coronavirus Reponse Act bill to provide FREE medical testing for the COVID-19 virus.

Here’s what is says in the bill summary:

“Reimbursement for Diagnostic Testing and Services for COVID-19 – in Uninsured Individuals – Includes $1 billion for the National Disaster Medical System to reimburse the costs of COVID19 diagnostic testing and services provided to individuals without health insurance.”

Coverage of Testing for COVID-19. This section requires private health plans to provide coverage for COVID-19 diagnostic testing, including the cost of a provider, urgent care center and emergency room visits in order to receive testing. Coverage must be provided at no cost to the consumer. “


Basically, if you have COVID-19 symptoms, and NO insurance, you can get reimbursed for the testing. If you have a policy that did not cover COVID-19 testing, it is now covered under all insurance plans.

Please adhere to the CDC Guidelines on COVID-19 testing, and call your doctor BEFORE going in to get tested. 


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Jacob Wade

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In 2018, Jacob quit his job and his family decided to sell everything (including their home) to take off on an adventure. They traveled the country in an RV for nearly 3 years, visiting over 38 states, 20+ national parks and eventually settling in the sunshine state!

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  1. my name is anna ramirez i have so much to say cant possibly cover all the details with email.ill try to do my best. on jan.6th my family and i were wrongfully\no cause\ thrown out of our home . no eviction no court oder to move infact i won my unlawful detainer judge told landlord he must fix or evict i was granted premisses 55 acers. in sept.of 2019 jan.6th, he used health dept. code enforcement and deputies to come to my door pound and yell out , its the sheriff deputie come out of your home its been red tagged. we were never given any time period moreless relocation fees, we were not allowed to take anything of our belongings. i now have idenity theft over 4000 in dept due to displacement , county has denied my family and me all resourses motel vouchers covid 19 help they gave my daughter a few weeks in motel because she has 2 young boys 6\9 but that didnt last long . we have been through so much its unbelivable!!!! our home is 25 miles away from closest motel i was never given any motel im 55 and disabled. my daughter would drive everyday to school to drop off boys go back to motel then go back to get kids then go back to motel ,we had no way of cooking no food vouchers we had just gone and bought our monthly food and cleaning stuff and everything stayed 350.00 of food and 230.00 of monthly hygine and cleaning stuff . after we left my landlord had 4 people in my house they slept on our beds ate our food and deputies said my landlord could do what ever he wanted. landlord put a lock on our door turned off my pg&e and deputies did nothing . my landlord is doing so much fraud with irs social security he doesnt report nothing like he should and now a member of the farmers assosiation got in to help him and thats where the favors come in with the deputies this farmers makes hudge dotations and favors are done .we have had deputies denie my right to file a police report more than once they have kicked our door down and pulled a gun on my daughter when she was getting clothes for her boys they have yelled at me numerouse times treatened to put me in jail when i make a call for treats of being burned in my home or to be shot in the back on my walks they lied to me and said i never had a protective order againts my landlord they killed my farm animals and said my landlord could do what he wanted.da refused to help united way refused red cross refused new direction refused human services refused salvation army refused veterans office refused legal aid refused healthy house refused . part of my rent was room and board i spent sso much money on yard its 55 acers i kept up and i applied for bennifts i was told that it was deductable and i have not recieved my 600 covid 19 payments i have recieved 167,00 a week for 4 weeks but then it stopped i dont know if my landlord is why it stopped or if its one of his kids that works for cps or welfare that is getting into our records and entintionally doing things i say that because my daughter got her welfare lowered by 350 and food stamps by 500 or the other way around but my point is they had no reason to give her on why they done it only that the system was reading that so that must be what it is they said. so much has happened to my family and to think that merced county is ok with my landlord telling us to boil water or ill evict you!!! thats why we went to court we were not going to boil water so we bought a water heater he got mad took us to court he lost and retaliated with the help of merced county and farmers assosiation , why did merced rape my family


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