5 Simple Ways To Save Money This Fall

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save money fallFall is in the air. No, literally, rain is now falling, leaves are changing, and the mornings are cool and crisp. All signs point to the changing of seasons, which makes kids mourn and parents rejoice, because Fall is on is finally here. And along with the season of Fall is a number of great family activities, traditions and don’t forget, AMAZING FOOD!

Fall is quickly becoming our favorite season in the iHB household. Summer is great, backyard parties and friends are cool, but there’s just something magical about leaves crunching underfoot and seeing your breath in the air for the first time in months. Fall seems to slow everything down, just before the rush of the holidays. And as things slow down, we start busting out the ol’ fall décor, and planning awesome falls meals and events with friends and family. And with these new events, comes some great ways to save money and still enjoy the best of the season. Here are 5 simple ways to save money this Fall.

Using The Outdoors As Fall Décor

Home décor can take a toll on your wallet, but it doesn’t have to. Nature provides some of the best items for decoration right in your neighborhood. You can just take your family on walk to pick out leaves, pinecones, sticks, and acorns. You can lay the leaves down over a fabric runner on the center of your table. The pinecones can be put in clear vase or trifle bowl for a wonderful fall centerpiece. You can take the sticks and place them in a tall vase, hang paper leaves on them with twine, and have your family write little notes on the paper leaves of what they are thankful for.

As well, many people drop money on gourds each year, just to toss them in the food waste when done. They’re pretty expensive for just a throw-away item. Find some gourds replacements, except for the “Indian corn”, which can keep from year to year.

Cost = Pocket change

Savings = $100’s over department store décor

Fall Festival For Halloween

Many local community centers put on great Halloween or “Fall Festival” celebrations. Admission is inexpensive, usually just a bag of candy per kid. They have great activities for the kids in a weather-independent, safe environment. The kids will have a blast, you’ll save a bundle, and it’s a great way to build community.

Cost = Bag o’ candy per kid

Savings = $20+ on candy for trick-or-treaters

Use Squash Meals

Squash is IN SEASON during the fall, and can be found relatively inexpensively at grocery stores. Michelle has found butternut squash to be the best price and value at Trader Joes stores, if you have them in your area. She also makes THE BOMB.COM recipe of all fall recipes with this delicious squash.  Squash is filling, healthy, and can be very cheap!

Cost = $2 plus bacon

Savings = $10 – $20 per family meal

DIY Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Some may have noticed an overwhelming urge to go to the nearest Starbucks and order the fall classic; A Pumpkin Spice Latte! Though the satisfaction of sipping your pumpkin-y spiced hot drink on a cool fall day may seem worth it, you can do one even better and make your own from the comfort of your home (and healthier too!). Just hop on over to everyone’s favorite DIY site, Pinterest, and search for “pumpkin spice latte”, and gaze on in amazement at the best homemade lattes you have ever seen. Then gather those simple ingredients and make your own. I’m getting’ all warm and fuzzy thinking about it (and I don’t even drink coffee!)

Cost = A few bucks

Savings = A few bucks PER latte

Pumpkin Patch Living Social Deals

You know Living Social, your favorite site for crazy discounted outings and restaurant deals. Well, make sure to hit it up for the latest deals on your pumpkin patch outing. Yup, I know it’s mid-September, but Halloween is just around the corner, and that means you need a HUGE PUMPKIN sitting outside of your house as a fire hazard. Plus, it’ll give the neighborhood hoodlums something to smash. Regardless, you NEED a pumpkin, so might as well get free hot cocoa, a hay ride, and corn maze out of it too, at 50% off! You can sign up for daily emails on Living Social, and find the next local pumpkin patch deal that comes up. Also, if you find a deal, don’t forget to share it on your Facebook page or with friends and family. If 3 people sign up, your deal ends up being free!

Cost = $20 – $30

Savings = At least 50%, or FREE if 3 people buy through your link

Comments: These are only a few ways to save money this fall, but I know there are tons more. What are your favorite Fall activities, and what do you do to save money on them?

Jacob Wade

Jacob Wade

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25 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways To Save Money This Fall”

  1. Man, that pumpkin spice latte sounds good! Fall is definitely my favorite season. This morning I walked outside to my car and realized it was only 43 degrees. Just last week it was like 90 something! Crazy how quickly things change.

    • Fall seems like a quicker change than spring to summer, doesn’t it? I’m seeing some foggy windshields and cloudy skies around, fall is definitely here. I like how quiet it is compared to summer. Makes me want a warm drink and a bicycle……o wait, I have one…

  2. This is my favorite time of year, mainly because I love the outdoor fall festivals and all the pumpkin patches and whatnot.

    Also, many may not agree– but I love that the Halloween season has migrated away from the “scary” into more of a family season.

    • Fall is wonderful here in the Northwest, it’s winter time that sucks the life out of everyone and gives us seasonal depression. But fall is pretty awesome. Already got our pumpkin patch deal and scheduled it 🙂

    • It’s the small details that make the big picture look awesome. My wife is an interior design major, so I just let her go wild, knowing that our budget for decor is next to nothing. 🙂

  3. Just when I was starting to feel down about the cold weather and fall coming, this is something to get excited about! I love the idea of collecting things from the outside to decorate inside. Also never thought to make my own Pumpkin Spice Latte, but definitely trying that!!

    • Collecting fall leaves and such is pretty fun. Even more so now that we have a 20-month-old! I’m mostly excited for the butternut squash, feta, and bacon recipe my wife ROCKS!

  4. Man I love Fall. I love everything about it.

    Where I live, the weather goes from Hell to perfect all the way through March or April, with just a few cold snaps along the way.

    Nothing smells better than the Fall.

    Also, check out the spammer in the comment above me. Friend of yours?

  5. Great tips! Coming up with your own homemade season faves not only gives you financial savings but an opportunity to reminisce what it’s like when the house smells like you grandmother’s kitchen. Keeping up traditions sure is still the best option regardless what economic state we are in.


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