Qube Money Review (2021): The Only REAL Digital Cash Envelope App

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Review Summary: Qube Money is a new finance app that takes the power of cash envelopes, and combines it into an easy-to-use budgeting and banking app! It is the only REAL way to use digital cash envelopes, and they are continuing to add features. It is currently offering FREE memberships for early adopters.


  • Amazing control over your money
  • Top notch security
  • Active, real-time budgeting
  • Easy to get started
  • FREE plan available


  • Still awaiting some features
  • Limited features on Free plan

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Qube Money Review Summary

  • Qube is a budgeting and banking app that give you true digital cash envelopes
  • Qube is backed by Choice Financial, is FDIC insured, and has a "default zero" balance to prevent theft
  • Your budget categories are called "Spending Qubes" and require that you have the money in your bank to actually spend your money
  • Qube is currently in offering a free Membership with a debit card included.

Qube Money Review

I am a firm believer in the cash envelope system. It's honestly the BEST way to stop your bad spending habits immediately, and force yourself to ONLY spend money on what you budgeted for.

The only bummer is that cash envelopes are kind of a hassle. And they don't really fit in your wallet. And honestly, a lot of people just don't carry much cash anymore (myself included).

That's why excited that someone has finally created digital cash envelopes that function 100% the same as using real cash.

What Is Qube Money?

Qube Money is a new finance app that takes the power of cash envelopes, and combines it into an easy-to-use budgeting and banking app!

Qube Money has partnered with Choice Financial to create a true digital cash envelope bank account that allows you to connect your budget and your bank to make sure your money ONLY goes where you tell it to go.

It is also expanding its capabilities to allow peer-to-peer money transfers, budget automation, and bill pay (coming soon).

Qube Money uses a Visa debit card attached to a Qube Bank Account to give you complete, secure control of your money.

How Does Qube Money App Work?

When you sign up for Qube and download the app, you start by funding your Qube Money Account (or linking an external bank account). This would act as your checking account.

Then you split up the funds in your account into "Qubes", which are your spending categories for the month. This includes, groceries, shopping, entertainment, gas, bills, etc.

Once your Qubes are funded, use the following 4-step process for purchases:

  1. Open the Qube Money app and select the Qube you need to use (say, groceries)
  2. All the money from the Qube is instantly transferred to the Qube Visa debit card
  3. Use the Qube Debit Card for your purchase (just like any regular debit card)
  4. The money is spent from your debit card, and the remaining balance is instantly transferred back to your Qube in the app

When I first heard about this, I thought "that's amazing!" Immediately followed by "wait a minute…"

I was skeptical of the app’s ability to give me the money I wanted while I was waiting in line at the grocery store (or at a coffee drive through).

But even in the BETA version, the Qube is funded in just seconds. Check out the video below for real-time testing.

Qube Money Benefits

Qube money is an app that can truly revolutionize how people manage their money day-to-day, and can stop overspending in its tracks!

Here are a few of my favorite benefits of using Qube Money:

Active Budgeting. Qube Money's most unique feature is that it makes you budget in real-time. This active budgeting requires that you make an informed spending decision for every purchase. You need to open the app, fund the purchase from one of your "Qubes", and then only spend the funds you have available.

Real-Time Money Tracking. In addition to requiring that you intentionally spend your money, it will also auto-update your "Qube balance" and total account balance in real time. It's the same as seeing cash leave your wallet, and knowing what you have left.

Customize Your Money. Qubes aren't just for spending. You can create Qubes for savings goals, Qubes for debt payoff or anything else you want to fund. I also love the idea of using Qubes as Savings Buckets for infrequent expenses.

Extra Money Protection. The Qube Debit Card has a default balance of $0, because the money isn't there until you select the Qube you are spending from the app. This give you an extra layer of protection vs. a tradition checking account debit card.

Qube Money is truly the only REAL digital cash envelope app that works the way real cash does.

How To Budget With Qube Money

Qube Money takes everything we love about the cash envelope system and brings it into the digital age. The best part about budgeting with Qube Money is that you can build an individual budget or you can create a budget that fits any family size!

Like using cash envelopes, you start your budget by identifying the categories you want and need. Then, you determine how much money you will allocate toward each category. These categories become your money qubes. 

Once you have your qubes set up, you spend money like always. Except instead of paying with cash from different envelopes, you use a debit card that is synced to your qubes. The second you swipe your debit card, the money is deducted from your qube.

If you’re wondering where the money comes from, you can use either an internal account or you can link Qube Money to an existing external account. 

As the month progresses, you can check in with your qubes to see if your spending is on track or not. Instead of sorting through different envelopes and remembering to take them with you, Qube Money streamlines the process. It makes budgeting simpler and streamlined, even if you set up your account with a partner or a whole family!

Connecting Qube Money To Apple Pay & Google Pay

Qube comes with a debit card, but if you're a big user of Apple Pay or Google Pay (I am!), you can now connect your Qube account directly to these apps!

Simply open you Apple or Google Pay app, input the card information, and you're good to go. Since the Qube card has a unique design (numbers on the back), you'll need to punch in the card info manually to get it added.

Remember - When you choose to use Qube with Apple or Google pay, you still need to select which qube you are spending from within the app BEFORE buying something. Again, this is the magic of cash envelopes in a digital world!

Qube Money Plans And Pricing

No two people or families have the same financial situation. That’s why Qube Money offers a variety of options to meet your needs. Qube Money has three tiers of plans available now, with a fourth plan option coming soon. 

The plans include:

  • Basic for $0
  • Premium for $8/month - Coming soon! 
  • Family for $15/month - Coming soon! 
  • Platinum for $25/month - Coming soon! 
Qube Money Pricing

Qube Basic Plan

The basic plan is perfect for an individual account. It includes 10 qubes, a mobile wallet, and peer-to-peer transfers. Additional features like bill qube and payday 2 days early have recently launched as well.


  • Individual account
  • 10 qubes
  • Mobile Wallet
  • Peer-to-peer transfers
  • Bill Qube
  • Payday 2 days early (Coming Soon!)

Qube Premium Plan (Coming Soon)

The premium plan builds on the basic plan by adding unlimited qubes and budget automation. It also has features for couples, including companion cards, partner permissions, and partner notifications. 


Everything from Basic account +


  • Unlimited qubes
  • Qube groups
  • Budget automation
  • QubeShare (Coming Soon)
  • In-qube notes (Coming Soon)
  • Subscription controls
  • Roundup technology (Coming Soon)
  • Bill Pay (Coming Soon)


  • Companion cards
  • Partner Permissions
  • Partner Notifications

Qube Family Plan (COMING SOON)

The family plan is an expanded version of the premium plan. It includes accounts for up to 10 children. Plus, it also features adult, teen, and kid cards. Chore tracking is coming soon.


Everything from Premium account +

  • Up to 10 kids accounts
  • Adult cards
  • Teen cards
  • Kid cards
  • Parent view
  • Parent permissions
  • In-app money requests
  • Chore tracking (Coming Soon!)

Qube Platinum Plan (COMING SOON)

The platinum plan is coming soon, and it will be for power users with rewards and partner benefits. 


  • Rewards
  • Corporate partner benefits
  • Qube Masters training
  • QP metal card

Is There Still A Qube Money Lifetime Plan?

The Qube Money lifetime deal ended on January 31st, 2021. This deal was available to Qube Money BETA participants only.

The good news is Qube Money still has a free plan available for anyone who wants to give it a try.

Is Qube Money Safe?

One of the biggest concerns people have about financial technology is regarding safety. Qube Money understands this worry.

They designed their debit card using Default Zero technology.

That means that your card has a default balance of $0. Unless a category is activated by you on your phone, it is virtually impossible for someone to use your card. That means you can swipe your card and use the app worry free. 

Additionally, when you deposit money with Qube Money, your money is held in a partner bank with FDIC insurance.

Is Qube Money Worth It?

Qube Money is a game-changer. No other app gives you the exact experience of cash envelopes like Qube, plus it has a built-in bank account! This is the only app I have seen that can actually STOP YOU FROM OVERSPENDING, giving you total control of your finances.

The Qube Money free plan has enough features to help you manage those variable spending categories (you know what I'm talking about....groceries, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, etc.). As they release the Premium and family plans, it will encourage your entire family to handle money the right way, staying out of debt and living within your means. 

We are personally using Qube and hitting "pause" on the credit cards for a month to compare our average spending and hopefully get our budget back in check as well. I believe in this product, and the team behind it, and will keep this review up to date as they release more and more features in the coming months!

Qube Money Logo



  • Digital Cash Envelope & Budgeting app  
  • Can connect to Apple and Google Pay!
  • FREE Plan Available

Qube Money FAQ

One thing we love about Qube Money is how streamlined the app and spending system are. However, as with any new fintech, you probably have questions. Here are the most frequently asked questions about Qube Money and our answers to them.

How do I contact Qube Money customer service?

Looking to get in touch with someone at Qube Money? Qube Money doesn’t have a phone number to call, but their website features a built-in chat tool and an FAQ page. You can also send them an email at support [at] qubemoney [dot] com.


Yes! Qube currently offers a free plan that comes with a debit card and up to 10 "Qubes" you can budget with. This is best for people who want to keep an eye on their variable spending categories, such as groceries, restaurants and shopping.

Does Qube Money have any Other fees?

There’s good news when it comes to Qube Money and fees. The only fee you’ll pay with Qube Money is the subscription fee based on the plan you’ve selected. Currently, there are no overdraft or ATM fees. 

What is Qube Money's routing number?

The Qube Money routing number is 091311229. Use the app profile to locate your account number. 

Is Qube Money Available for iPhone or Android?

Both! The Qube Money app is available for both Android and iPhones. You can sign up for a free account and download the app from your phone's app store to get started.

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