Tiller Money Review (2021): Automate Your Spreadsheets

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Review Summary: Tiller Money is the first budgeting app to sync your bank accounts to Google Sheets (and Excel), with dozens of templates to customize and automate your budget. Tiller is built for spreadsheet lovers who want all their financial data imported to a simple spreadsheet.


  • Tons of templates for your EXACT financial situation
  • Fully customizable
  • Automatic transaction import
  • Summary emails
  • Creative online community for help and ideas on budgeting


  • Might feel overwhelming if you don't know spreadsheets
  • Only basic investment tracking

Tiller Money Review Summary

  • Tiller Money is a budgeting app that syncs with Google Sheets (or Excel) to automatically import your financial transactions
  • Tiller offers dozens of budgeting and debt payoff templates for users to import and customize
  • Tiller syncs with your bank accounts, credit cards, loans and even investment accounts
  • Tiller’s unique community of users contribute their own custom spreadsheets, giving users an increasing number of templates to choose from
  • Tiller has a 30-day FREE trial, then charges $79 per year (about $6.58 per month)

What is Tiller Money?

Tiller Money is an application that connects to your Google Sheets (or Excel) spreadsheet and syncs your financial accounts. Tiller automatically imports your financial transactions to the spreadsheet, keeping you up to date on your spending and financial progress. 

Tiller has dozens of pre-built budgeting and financial tracking spreadsheets for you to choose from, and many more being added by Tiller users for public use. From a simple monthly budget, to debt payoff and investment trackers, Tiller gives you access to all kinds of options to keep track of your money.

Tiller Money acts as an “add-on” within Google Sheets, connecting your online spreadsheet to Tiller’s custom “Money Feeds”, importing your financial data to the spreadsheet, and helping you categorize and organize your spending quickly.

As you can imagine, Tiller has a ton of customization features, so let’s break down how Tiller Money works and what makes it stand apart from other budgeting apps.

How To Sign Up & Get Started With Tiller Money

Tiller Money offers a 30-day free trial, so signing up is as simple as signing in with your Google account. 

Tiller will ask you to provide a credit card to charge after the free trial when signing up, but you can cancel at any time.

One you’ve signed up, you can start linking your financial accounts to Tiller. This is similar to most other budgeting apps, as Tiller uses a 3rd party service called Yodlee to securely connect to financial institutions.

After you’ve connected your accounts, it’s time to connect it to a spreadsheet. I recommend using the Tiller Foundation Template to get started.

Hint: Tiller gives you a simple 2-minute video walking you through exactly how to get everything connected. Check it out below.

After you’ve connected it to your spreadsheet, you choose which accounts you want to sync, and voila! Tiller will automatically import your financial data and the spreadsheet will spring to life!

Tiller Money Features

Tiller Money is unique in the budgeting app space as it leverages the power of Google Sheets to give users ultimate flexibility. Here are a few more unique features that set them apart from the competition.

Tiller Money Feeds (Sync Your Bank Accounts)

Tiller’s most important is their “Money Feeds” add-on. This is the tool that allows users to sync their financial accounts with their spreadsheet.

Honestly, this is huge, because the worst part of budgeting (and why most people give up) is manually entering EVERY TRANSACTION. With over 100 transactions per month, this is time consuming, and frankly, annoying!

Once you sync your bank accounts with Tiller and activate the Money Feeds add-on, your transactions will automatically import, keeping your spending up to date (and your headaches to a minimum).

Tiller also allows you to categorize each transaction, which shows you exactly how much you are spending in each category.

Pre-built Templates (Tiller Labs)!

Tiller has an excellent Foundation Template to help new users get started, but their community of self-proclaimed “spreadsheet nerds” has built all kinds of templates for every budgeting style. Inside the Tiller Money Labs, the community can submit their own custom templates that work directly with Tiller, giving users access to dozens of pre-built templates to choose from.

Whether you are looking to pay off debt, tracking your investing or boost your savings account, Tiller Money Labs has you covered with customizable templates.

Tiller Foundation Template

AutoCat (Automatic Categorization)

Another great feature is that Tiller lets you create rules that help you automatically categorize similar transactions.

Eat at Chipotle a lot? You can set a rule that all Chipotle transactions are categorized as “restaurant” spending. Now everytime you get a carnitas burrito bowl, Tiller imports that transaction and updates your Restaurant budget.


You can set as many automatic rules as you want, making budgeting even more hands-off, and keeping your budget up-to-date without a ton of intervention.

Email Updates

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could get a daily summary of all your financial accounts? Tiller thought so, and now offers automatic email updates, showing you a summary of all your financial transactions each day.

Tiller Money Support

Tiller Money support is available via chat or email (at support@tillerhq.com).

Support is available Monday – Friday: 6AM PST – 3PM PST, and responses vary on Saturday and Sunday (subject to availability).

Online Community

Outside of traditional support, Tiller also launched a user forum called the Tiller Money Community. It’s a forum of customers (and a few moderators) for users to help each other answer questions about Tiller (and money in general). 

This is also a great place to get suggestions on ideas for customizing your spreadsheet.

Help Docs

Tiller also offers an extensive help library with detailed articles on how to use Tiller, customize your spreadsheets and much more.

In addition, Tiller hosts a weekly 30-minute webinar to help new users get up to speed and ask any questions they may have about using Tiller.

How Much Does Tiller Money Cost?

Tiller Money offers a 30-day free trial of their full service, giving you a full month to test out all of their features.

After the 30-day trial has ended, Tiller costs $79 per year. This breaks down to an average cost of $6.58 per month.

Tiller is confident in their service and does offer a 60-day, money back guarantee.

Does Tiller Have a Free Plan?

Yes. Tiller offers 1 year of service FREE for college students. If you are an enrolled student, simply fill out their Student Plan Application to get your free year of Tiller Money.

Is Tiller Money Safe?

All the automation is amazing, but does Tiller Money keep your data safe?

Short answer: Yes.

Here’s a few things that Tiller specifically does to give their users piece of mind:

  • Bank level encryption (256-bit AES)
  • Two-factor Authentication for Google Sheets sign-in
  • Tiller does NOT sell your personal information to 3rd parties. Ever.
  • Tiller does not store any of your financial account credentials, they are a “read-only” service

If you want the full scoop on their security features, you can check the out here

Who Is Tiller Money Best For?

Tiller Money was designed to appeal to those who want the flexibility of their favorite spreadsheet, without the hassle of manually importing all their transactions every day. 

If you enjoy organizing your finances in a single place, the Tiller Foundation Template will help you see everything that is happening with your money, and make it completely automatic with account sync and auto categorization.

If you want to give tiller a try for free, give their 30-day trial a shot and see if it’s a great fit for you.

Tiller Money FAQ

Want to learn more about Tiller Money? Here are some answers to the most common questions people have.

Does Tiller Money Have a Mobile App?

Tiller uses Google Sheets and Excel, which both have mobile apps. You can access your spreadsheet on any Android and iPhone device by downloading the Google Sheets or Excel apps from the app store.

I personally use Google Sheets and love that I can see my spreadsheet anywhere I go.

Does Tiller Money Track Investments?

Tiller Money doesn’t have a suite of tools for investment tracking and analysis like Personal Capital (my fav investing app), but they do have a net worth tracker spreadsheet that can sync with your investments accounts to show you your progress over time.

They also have the ability to sync with GoogleFinance, importing (almost) LIVE stock price data to show you current pricing, highs and lows, plus other important metrics.

Does Tiller Money Work With Excel? 

Yes. Tiller Money can sync with your Excel spreadsheet and import your financial data as well. While Google Sheets is their simplest way to get set up, they know many are die-hard Excel fans out there, and have added their service as an Excel add-on.

Free 30-day Trial

Tiller Money

Sync Bank Accounts

Connect your spreadsheet to your bank and automate your budgeting!


Tiller Money is a great application for those who want to supercharge their spreadsheets, but it may not be everyone's cop o' kombucha.

Here are a few of my other favorite budgeting apps that can help you take control of your money.


A very popular budgeting app, YNAB gives users full control of their money with their intuitive mobile app and excellent support community.

YNAB's approach is simple. Open the app, connect your bank accounts, and but only the money you ACTUALLY have in your bank account.

YNAB also has excellent alerts to keep you aware of your spending, helping you keep an eye on your expenses without having to punch in every transaction yourself.

YNAB offers a free 34-day trial for new users.

Or check out my full YNAB review here.


The most popular FREE budgeting app, Mint offers a simple way to connect your bank accounts and track you spending. Their budgeting features are a simple way to get started with managing your money, and their reporting shows you exactly where your money has been disappearing to.

Mint is ad-supported, so there are a lot of "offers" that you will be presented with inside the app. But as far as free budgeting apps goes, Mint is the best.

Try out Mint free here or read our full Mint review here.

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