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[NEW} We’ve added in the Emergency Budget Template and Checklist to help you manage your money during the health crisis.


Are you struggling to save money, or pay off your debt? Do you feel like you’re stuck in a cycle of BARELY getting by? Or maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything, but can’t seem to get ahead with your money?

I get it. I’ve wasted more money than I care to admit, and had NO CLUE what to do with money….until I got on a budget.

Since then, Michelle and I paid off our debt, went from a negative net worth to over six-figures, and I even quit my job to travel full time!

Budgeting changed our lives in a massive way, so we wanted to use our 10+ years of budgeting experience to create a POWERFUL tool to help others achieve Financial Freedom!

What if you could:

  • Not care when your bills are due, because the money is already there
  • Not being nervous to check your bank account balance
  • Buy a latte without thinking about it
  • Wake up debt free
  • Know your Net Worth is going up every payday
  • Ignore the stock market because your investments are automatic
  • Stop fighting with your spouse about money
  • Quit your job to stay home with the kids

The Destination Financial Freedom Budgeting Binder includes all the tools you need to stop worrying about money and start enjoying more freedom!

Our Printable Budgeting Binder includes:

Cover Page
Introduction to Financial Freedom
Past Spending Tracker
Monthly Budget
Paycheck Budget
[NEW] Emergency Budget Template
[NEW] Emergency Budget Checklist

Monthly Budget Expenses Continued
Daily Expenses Tracker
Savings Buckets
Debt Snowball Worksheet
Debt Payoff Tracker
Savings Tracker
Roth IRA Tracker
Investment Tracker
Annual Income Tracker
Annual Bills Checklist
Donation Tracker
Gift Planner
Party Expenses Planner
Medical Bills Checklist
Important Contacts
12 Month [Bills & Expenses] Calendar
Bills & Expenses Planner
Schedule My Day
Schedule My Week