Nectar Mattress Review (for RV Living)

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Nectar Mattress




Pressure Relief






Overall Rating



  • Best Mattress Warranty (365 Days)
  • No Motion Transfer
  • Excellent Support
  • Super Affordable Price


  • Off-Gassing
  • Softer Edges (than traditional EXTRA FIRM mattress)

Cheap Sleep.

Two words that don’t typically go together, and if you’ve been #adulting for any length of time, you know that getting a good mattress can make a HUGE difference in your daily life. You sleep away 8 hours(-ish) every day, so investing in a good mattress is really a no-brainer.

But can you get a quality mattress without a payment?

As someone with spine issues (I broke my neck back in 2003), I am always very sensitive to mattress comfort and support. I need a mattress that can help support my neck and back WITHOUT feeling like sleeping on a piece of plywood. I don’t want to wake up with my spine hurting, but I ALSO don’t want to wake up with sore muscles.

I have tested memory foam mattresses in the past, and honestly, they lacked the support I needed, and I ended up waking up sore, or sinking into a hole in the bed.

So when Nectar reached out for a review of their latest mattress, I was honestly a bit skeptical. How could I get real support AND a great deal?

After doing some research, it seems like they put together a high-quality mattress, that has ACTUAL support, and all the comfortable benefits of memory foam. So I decided to give it a shot.

This will be a week-by-week breakdown of our first 30 days using the mattress. There will be a quick summary at the top (for those wanting the highlights), and a DETAILED review (with video) if you keep scrolling.

(Disclosure: Nectar sent us this mattress to review. And we liked it so much we are NOT giving it back!)

Nectar Video Review

Nectar Mattress Review Summary

  • The Nectar Mattress is made up of 5 layers, including a comfortable, moisture wicking cover, 2 layers of cooling gel memory foam (that actually works to keep you cool), and 2 hi-density foam layers for medium-firm support.
  • Nectar has an industry leading 365 Night Risk-Free Trial, is delivered for free, is super easy to setup (I did it myself in 10 minutes). If you don’t like it at any point during those 365 nights, they will pick it up at your doorstep free of charge. (Hint: Optional white-glove setup of mattress, and removal of old mattress is available)
  • The mattress is great at providing support (medium firmness) AND comfort. The top layers of Gel Memory Foam help contour to YOUR body shape, and the hi-density base foam holds your body so you don’t sink into a hole!
  • The mattress excels at motion isolation (think: spouse turns over, or gets out of bed, other partner doesn’t feel anything), and pressure relief (no muscle aches) without sacrificing support (think: happy spine)
  • The mattress (along with most foam mattresses) suffers from off-gassing (needs a day to fully air out), and the edge support (think: sleeping on edge of mattress) is not as good as a spring mattress.
    • But I want to note, the edge support was FAR BETTER than we expected, and with small kids ending up in our queen bed, we have never felt that we were going to fall out of bed, and haven’t lost any sleep due to edge support issues.

Our Week By Week Review Summary

  • Week 1. Mattress felt too firm. I found out later you can step (or jump) on the bed to help “break it in”, which might have helped a bit. We slept fine, and the firmness may have been an adjustment from our previous (soft) spring mattress
  • Week 2. Noticeably more comfortable, no aching after waking up. We both sleep on our back AND our sides throughout the night, and were able to shift comfortable without disturbing each other (though kids getting in bed did happen a few times)
  • Week 3. We are in VERY HOT weather (80+ degrees at night inside). Surprisingly, the gel memory foam performed VERY WELL, and we did not wake up in a pool of sweat. We were still very comfortable with the contour and firmness of the mattress, no aches.
  • Week 4. Still no aches, surprisingly good edge support (with kids in bed), no overheating issues. We are sleeping better, wake up rested (when kids don’t keep us up!). We are keeping the mattress, will continue testing for longevity.
  • Overall Impression: Though I was skeptical at first, mattress performed way better than our previous spring mattress, and previous memory foam mattress. Spine feels supported, and no muscle aches.
  • The price, quality, comfort and support of this particular foam mattress exceeded our expectations. Add to that the 365-night risk-free trial, I am happy to HIGHLY RECOMMEND this mattress to family, friends and readers.

To test for yourself, use my coupon below for $125 off any Nectar mattress.

In-Depth Nectar Mattress Review

About The Company

Nectar is a mattress-in-a-box company that took the industry by storm in 2017, offering an unprecedented 365-night RISK FREE trial, including free delivery, and free pickup for any returns.

They were co-founded in 2016, and now have grown to a staff of nearly 200 remote employees to keep up with their $300+ million operation.

Their support team is available 7 days a week, 6am – 6pm PST, and you can reach them via chat, phone, or email.

What Is The Nectar Mattress?

The Nectar Mattress is a memory foam mattress, made up of 5 layers, including a comfortable, moisture wicking cover, 2 layers of cooling gel memory foam (that actually works to keep you cool), and 2 hi-density foam layers for medium-firm support.

  1. The removable cover is made of cotton and Tencel. The cover is VERY soft to the touch, helps circulate air and wicks away moisture while you sleep. Bonus – Tencel is made of wood pulp, and is bug resistant!
  2. The first layer of memory foam is a quilted, gel memory foam. It contours to your body while staying “breathable.” The “gel” part is important, as it offers cooling that traditional memory foam does NOT. This means you get to sleep cool, and wake up NOT sweating!
  3. The second layer is another layer of gel memory foam, helping with cooling and distributing your weight evenly over the mattress.
  4. The third layer is the “Hi-Core” memory foam, giving the mattress it’s “medium-firm” rating, and giving your spine much-needed support. Without this, you would sink into a mattress hole and may never get out (kidding…). But this support is critical to waking up WITHOUT a sore back.
  5. The final layer is the dense “breathable base layer” which helps with support, as well as drawing in fresh air through molded channels, keeping the mattress fresh and cool.

The Nectar Mattress is also CertiPUR-US® Certified, which means it meets the CertiPUR-US® standards for being free from ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, mercury, or lead.

One Of A Kind Warranty

This is where Nectar stands heads above most any mattress out there. Nectar offers an outstanding trial period and warranty. Here’s a breakdown of what you get:

  • 365-night sleep trial
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Return Shipping (if needed)
  • “Forever Warranty”

365 Sleep Trial. This is what sets Nectar apart. They allow you to test the mattress for a full year, showing how much they believe in their product. You can sleep on it during all 4 seasons, to make sure it’s the right fit for your body. The 365-night sleep trial starts 30 days after delivery of the mattress.

Free Shipping, Free Return Shipping. Your Nectar Mattress is vacuum sealed and shipped FOR FREE to your doorstep in a box that is manageable by one person (though, it is HEAVY). After 30 days, your 365-night sleep trial begins. If, for any reason, you wish to return the mattress in those 365-days, they will pick up the mattress on your doorstep FOR FREE, and issue a full refund.

“Forever Warranty.” Direct from Nectar’s website:

“Forever is a long, long time… and that’s how long we guarantee the construction, materials, quality and durability of Nectar for the original purchaser. If you own a Nectar and sleep on a Nectar we believe Nectar should be the only mattress you ever need. We back up Nectar’s quality in absolute terms, with no wishy washy legal speak, Nectar will last longer than you do if your treat Nectar right.”

There really is no risk, it’s a great testament to their belief that they have the best mattress on the market.


For all of its advantages, the Nectar is still a CRAZY affordable mattress. Which is one of the BIG reasons I am testing this out, because I don’t care how great something is if it’s not a good VALUE!

With our $125 OFF COUPON, here’s how the pricing breaks down for each size nectar mattress:

Coupon LinkSizeRetail PricePrice With Coupon
$125 Off Twin Mattress Twin $524 $399
$125 Off Twin XL Mattress Twin XL $594 $469
$125 Off Full Mattress Full $724 $599
$125 Off Queen Mattress Queen $824 $699
$125 Off King Mattress King $1024 $899
$125 Off California King Mattress California King $1024 $899

Note: Each Nectar Mattress comes with 2 free memory foam pillows

They also have an optional white-glove service you can purchase, so they will deliver AND install your new mattress. ($149 for new mattress install, $45 for old mattress removal)

Based on price and Forever Warranty alone, this mattress is an EXCEPTIONAL value.

But is it comfortable? And do I wake up feeling rested?

We tested it for 30 days, here’s our take.

30-Day Nectar Review

How Does It Feel?

With its construction, it is soft and VERY comfortable on the top layer, but as you lay down and settle into the bed, you can feel its supportiveness.

As someone who sleeps on their back AND their side, I find that this bed does have a good balance of sinking in, while still supporting the heavier parts of my body.

It is constructed to give you a “hug”, allowing your entire body (not just the heavy parts) to touch the bed and be supported, while not putting too much pressure on your body.

I wanted to give it a full 30 days before giving my review before making any judgements on whether this mattress was any good. So here is the week-by-week breakdown review of the Nectar Mattress.

Week 1

We unboxed the mattress, and let it air out. As expected, there was some off-gassing.

Our first night on the mattress, it was honestly TOO FIRM when sleeping on my side. This can be expected for the first week with a new memory foam mattress. I found later that you can help “break it in”, by jumping on the bed.

Yes, go ahead and jump on the bed!

The mattress cover was SUPER soft, and way more comfortable than I expected. And the Gel Memory Foam definitely did its job, no complaints of overheating.

Sleeping on our back was no problem, it only felt too firm on our side.

Week 2

We were noticeably more comfortable and I didn’t wake up with an aching back or neck.

Our previous mattress was OLD (10 years), and was on the softer side, so I was always waking up aching in one way or another.

The Nectar mattress helped during week 1, but I REALLY noticed week 2 that I didn’t ache at all.

The “too firm” feeling was gone, and honestly, we didn’t really think about the mattress, it just worked.

Week 3

We tested the “coolness” of the mattress by sleeping in 85+ degree heat (we had no A/C).

I did NOT wake up in a pool of sweat, and did not feel any warmth coming from the mattress at all. This is MUCH better than a previous memory foam mattress I had (years ago). Obviously this one is much higher quality, and the technology has come a long way.

Other than the uncomfortable air temps, we felt GREAT on the mattress. Again, it was soft and contouring on top, and supportive overnight, leaving us feeling better rested with happy spines.

Week 4

This is a great bed. I do NOT wake up aching, I am not too hot/too cold, and am able to sleep both on my side AND my back and fall asleep quickly (when the babies don’t wake us up!). And since I move between positions (back and side), I had no issue changing positions with minimal effort.

Overall, we really enjoy the comfort of this mattress.

We are both about 150lbs., so if you are on the heavier side, you may find this mattress slightly softer than I described. Also, if you are lightly, you may find it firmer than described here as well. (good thing they have a 365-night sleep trial to test it yourself!)

Based on research from other sleepers over 230lbs, Nectar scores higher than most memory foam mattresses, due to its high-density foam layers for support (especially for back-sleepers). It seems at any weight, Nectar has nailed the balance of comfort and support.

More Details To Consider

Is It Bouncy?

Short answer: NO

In my video review I decided to test this by balancing a glass of water and jumping on bed.

This is helpful when baby wakes and one parent needs to get out of bed without disturbing the other!

This is also helpful when said baby is now in the bed at 5AM and shifting all around!

This is a common attribute of memory foam mattresses (famous wine glass commercial anyone?), and helpful when there is more than one person sleeping on the mattress.

So if your partner moves a lot, or if (like us) you have kids joining you in bed occasionally, the Nectar Mattress will minimize any disturbances.

Edge Support

For those who share their mattress (and sometimes with kiddos too), Nectar is actually one of the BEST memory foam mattresses on the market for Edge Support.

Personally, my wife was concerned about this, due to a poor experience with a previous memory foam mattress (I may or may not have fallen off the bed due to soft edges).

We have 3 kids, at least 1 of who joins us in bed at some point, probably 5 nights a week. So we’re both relegated to the edge of the bed.

After 30 days, we both have had no issues sleeping on the edge, and the only lost sleep is from feet to the face from our 2-year-old!

You can see an example of me laying on the edge (both back and side) in the video review

Any Downsides?

There are a few things I want to note about this mattress to consider.

As with any memory foam mattress, there is off-gassing. We personally set up the mattress and were already staying elsewhere for 2 days. We opened our windows to air it out.

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be (based on reading online), but the chemical smell is there. Once covered with a mattress cover and sheets, it wasn’t very noticeable at all, but for those that are sensitive to this, be aware.

And for those who want an EXTREMELY solid edge to their mattress, you simply will NOT find this with any foam mattress. You will need to find a Firm or Extra Firm spring mattress (unfortunately, the good quality ones are thousands of dollars).

I want to note, the edge support was FAR BETTER than we expected, and with small kids ending up in our queen bed, we have never felt that we were going to fall out of bed, and haven’t lost any sleep due to edge support issues.

Again, with their 365-day trial, you can test for yourself, but I wanted to bring awareness to these 2 things.

Who Is This Mattress For?

This mattress is for people who want to get better support from their mattress, wake up pain free, without sacrificing the comfort and coolness of a gel memory foam mattress.  Nectar seems to have blended both of those things perfectly, but with the ability to still roll the mattress in a box and make delivery and setup SUPER simple.

As mentioned earlier, Nectar is the leader in online mattresses with their 365-day sleep trial and FOREVER warranty.

There is really no risk in testing it out, and who knows, you may even get better sleep AND wake up with less pain (that was my personal experience).

If you want to start your 365-day trial today, use the below link to purchase, and receive $125 off your Nectar mattress.

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