M1 Finance Free Stock 2022: Now Worth Up To $250!

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There are dozens of different reputable investing platforms. So how do you pick one to invest with? With so many platforms offering commission free trades and low fees, it might seem like they’re all the same. But what if you could get extra cash to invest?

M1 Finance offers new users an account bonus up to $250. That’s $250 of free money that you can use to invest or trade. Read on to learn more about how M1 Finance puts some extra coins in your account.

M1 Finance $250 Bonus

Does M1 Finance have any promotions? Yes! One of the ways that M1 Finance tries to stand out from other investing platforms is by giving out bonuses periodically. You read that correctly. Right now, M1 Finance investors actually snag a free $250 Invest bonus.

What is An M1 Finance Invest Bonus?

M1 Invest is the investment arm of the M1 Finance platform. Individuals who want automated, commission-free trading are likely contemplating M1 Invest accounts. With M1 Invest, you can open an M1 Finance Roth IRA, traditional IRA, SEP IRA, or taxable account. M1 Invest also offers custodial accounts.

An M1 Invest bonus is a cash bonus paid directly to your M1 Finance taxable account. That bonus can then be used to buy stock or for other transactions.

Read on to discover the three easy steps to take to score an M1 Finance $250 Invest bonus:

Step 1 – Make a deposit

To qualify for the bonus, you need to make a deposit of at least $5,000 in the first fourteen days. Your deposit should come via ACH, which is a typical bank deposit transfer. The $5,000 can be a single deposit or several deposits, as long as the aggregate amount is $5,000 and met within the two-week time frame.

Step 2 – Double check the investment amount

Your initial funding amount determines the free Invest bonus. Invest bonuses range from $25 to $250 dollars.

Payouts start with a $5,000 deposit. If you want to score the maximum Invest Bonus of $250, you need to deposit at least $50,000.

Check out the Invest Bonus amounts and the funding requirements below:

Invest Bonus AmountInitial Funding Amount
$250$50,000 and up

Step 3 – Watch for your bonus payout

For this current M1 Finance stock promotion, you’ll get your bonus in the fourth quarter of the year. M1 Finance says to check for your 2022 free cash payout on November 15, 2022.

M1 Invest Bonus Requirements

Don’t start counting your cash just yet. You want to make sure you qualify for the M1 Invest Bonus.

To meet the criteria for this current promotion, make sure you…

  1. Never had an M1 user account prior to this sign up
  2. Successfully opened a new M1 Finance Invest account
  3. Did not use a new account referral bonus link, and
  4. Made an aggregate deposit of $5,000 within the first two weeks to a taxable M1 Finance account (not a M1 Finance Roth IRA or Traditional IRA).

It’s also worth noting that the M1 Finance promotions vary from time to time. You’ll also want to double check the terms and conditions on their site.

The M1 Finance bonus is exciting, but it isn’t the only standout feature of the platform. Check out our complete M1 Finance review to find out more reasons why this investing platform is so popular.

Other Free Stock Bonuses

There’s no shortage of excellent investing apps. In fact, we rounded up our favorite investing apps for 2022. For investors who are looking to get a little more for their money, you might want to check out these apps for free stock bonuses.


There’s a good chance you’ve heard of Robinhood. Did you know that they offer investors free stock for opening an account?

When you create a new Robinhood account for the first time (no repeats allowed!), Robinhood will credit your account with one share of free stock. The value of the share varies from $3 to $225. After two days, you can either choose to keep the stock or sell it.

The free stock bonus is enticing but some people might be a little skittish about investing with Robinhood due to some of the past controversies they’ve been part of. There’s actually plenty that investors enjoy about Robinhood. With a $0 account minimum and no trade fees, Robinhood might actually be an excellent option for active investors.

See our full Robinhood review here to learn more about the Robinhood reward stock and other account features.


Are you looking for free stock? Don’t look any further than Public.

Grab your free stock slice with Public in three steps:

  1. Sign up for a new Public account
  2. Open an approved brokerage account
  3. Deposit funds into your account

The stock slice varies in value. Some investors might receive $3, while others receive a stock slice valued at $300. Of course, anything in between is fair game as well.

Free stock isn’t the only reason investors are signing up for Public accounts. Public offers low fees like many other brokers. Where Public stands out is the social side of its platform. Users can follow other investors, learning more about different portfolio options and investment strategies. There have even been some celebrity sightings on the app!

See our full Public review here to find out if Public and its free stock incentive might be a good fit for you.


Nearly 10 million people use Acorns to grow their money. We’re not surprised that so many people have downloaded this investing app. It’s one of the best options for beginners, in part because of its Round Up microinvesting option.

Acorns Round Up feature lets anyone start investing with spare change. You connect your card to your Acorns account. Then, whenever you swipe your card to shop, Acorns rounds up to the next dollar amount, collecting the spare change and putting it into your investment account.

Are you ready to get started with Acorns? You can scoop up a $10 investment bonus after opening a new account and completing an investment of $5 or more.

See our full Acorns review here to find out more about the different investment options and subscription costs.

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