Find Cheap Gear Nearby With These 11 Apps

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Did you Google "cheap gas near me", but still don't know where to go for the best price?

Did you know there are apps that give you ALL the details on gas prices near you? And some even offer you rewards and discounts on gas prices!

As a full time RV traveler, I've learned a thing or two about gas stations. And as someone who occasionally spends over $600/mo on fuel (driving thousands of miles), saving money on gas is a HUGE deal! So I decided to downloaded 11 different apps to see which ones work the best.

11 Apps To Find The Best Gas Prices


GasBuddy is the most popular Gas app on the market. As a crowd-sourced app, Gas Buddy keeps its prices up to date with reporting directly from users at the pump.

They incentivize users with daily $100 gas card giveaways. You can enter the giveaway by reporting prices at the pump or taking one of their challenges.

As a full time RV traveler, I use this app constantly. It's VERY simple to use.

  • Open the app
  • Hit "Find Gas"

Yup, that's it. It will show you a list of nearby gas stations, prices, and even the spread between the highest and lowest priced stations.

You can then click thru and hit the "Directions" button to map yourself there.

Gas Buddy is available for both Android and iOS.

GasBuddy App for iOS

GasBuddy App for Android

Gas Guru

Gas Guru is another popular app, but instead of crowd-sourcing, it gets it data directly from the OPIS (organization that tracks oil and gas prices nationally). No fancy giveaways or incentives, just a simple, clean user interface to get you the info you need.

Simply open the app, and it will shows you the prices of gas stations nearby. If you prefer the List view, simply tap the list icon.

You can filter by type of fuel (we use Diesel), and sort by distance and price.

Then simply tap the gas station you want to go to, and tap "directions" to map yourself

Gas Guru is available for both Android and iOS.

Gas Guru App for iOS

Gas Guru App for Android


Waze is the popular navigation app that was purchased by Google. It became popular as a crowd-sourced app that allowed users to report traffic issues in real-time, and used that data to help route users around trouble traffic spots.

It has since added TONS of features, and one of them is the ability to show you nearby gas stations  and prices.

To see prices and a list of stations, you do need to be using the app for directions. Once you've set a destination, tap the center button to see options and select the gas station icon.

Waze will show a list of gas stations and their prices along your route, and a simple tap will add it to your trip!

Waze is available for both Android and iOS.

App for iOS

App for Android

Google Maps

Do you use Google Maps? I sure do! And now they've built in gas prices to their App!

When you open the app, swipe the icons over to the one that says "Gas". Or type "Gas" into the search bar.

Google will show you nearby gas stations, and many of them will show the gas price for Regular gasoline. Click on the station, and it will show more fuel prices, for Plus, Premium and Diesel (if available).

Another handy feature is to hit the Search  icon when you are in the middle of navigation, and then tap the "Gas Stations" icon. Google will then show you gas stations along your current route, including prices for Regular.

Simply tap the station you want, and Google will add it as a stop! BOOM!

Google Maps is available for both Android and iOS.

Google Maps App for iOS

Google Maps App for Android

AAA TripTik® Travel Planner

This app is part of AAA Mobile App, and requires a AAA membership to sign in.

AAA has a feature called the TrikTik® Travel Planner. It allows you to pick up to 20 stops along the way. You can explore AAA approved hotels, restaurants and attractions (think, discounts!). You can also find nearby gas station prices.

Simply select your starting point and destination, and then click on the gas station icon to find cheap gas along the route. You can also just use the map to find nearby gas stations and prices.

AAA Mobile is available for both Android and iOS.

AAA Mobile App
for iOS

App for Android


Get Upside is a cash back app that helps users get FREE MONEY at gas stations. The concept is simple, use the app to find a gas station that is offering cash back, claim the offer, and upload your receipt to get your cash back.

When you open the app, it will show a map of participating gas stations. Click on the one you want to go to, and select ""Claim Offer". You then have 4 hours to fill up gas and upload your receipt.

To upload, simple select "Upload Receipt" and take a picture of the entire receipt.

After you have earned over $1 of cash back, you can "Cash Out", either for a gift card, or direct deposit to your Paypal Account.

GetUpside also has a referral bonus, allowing you to send your code to a friend, and get $0.15/gal cash back on their first use, plus $0.01/gal cash back each time they buy gas.
Yes, it's kinda like an MLM, but hey, great way to continue earning cash back the more you share your code.

p.s. to get started, feel free to use my code to get your first $0.15/gal back!

Jacob's referral code: JACOB33388

GetUpside is available for both Android and iOS.

App for iOS

App for Android


iExit is an app that allows you to plan upcoming stops as you are on the road. It is specifically designed to help you find stops off the highway, and was created with road trips in mind.

Simply open the app and select "Find me on the highway" to see what's coming up. If not on a highway, you can "Search by location", and find things nearby.

To find gas, simply tap on an upcoming exit, or Search for "Gas". It will then show you a list of gas stations, but the prices will be hidden unless you upgrade.

It costs $1.99 to be able to view  gas prices. iExit also uses OPIS  similar to Gas Guru) so the prices are very accurate. But since there are SO MANY other free options (….ahem…..this entire  rticle….), I would NOT spend the money, unless you really like using all the other features of this app.

iExit is available for both Android and iOS.

App for iOS

App for Android

Geico Mobile

Are you a Geico member? You can find gas prices on the Geico Mobile app using the "Geico Explore" feature. It uses AR  Augmented Reality) to find places nearby, including gas stations. Honestly, it's not a great user interface for finding the info you need quickly, and I personally don't use it for gas prices.

A better place to look is on the Geico website. You can search HERE for Gieco's list of gas prices.

If you want to try out the Geico Explore feature, you can find the app on both Android and iOS.

Geico Mobile App for iOS

Geico Mobile App for Android


Fuelio is a mileage log app that helps you keep track of your driving. It's perfect for those with driving jobs where mileage logs are required for reimbursement or tax purposes.

It also has a built in gas mileage calculator, using your mileage log to calculate gas mileage and cost per mile.

Under the menu, there's a "gas stations" feature that searches nearby fuel stations for the best prices within 20 miles (max). The data seems to be a bit dated and lacking some pricing info, but if you are using it for logging, it's a nice extra feature.

Fuelio is ONLY available for Android.

App for Android

Mapquest App

Mapquest is a turn-by-turn navigation app. It also has the ability to search for nearby gas
stations and shows the pric s for regular fuel (similar to Google Maps).

Simply select the "Layers" option in the bottom menu, and select the gas station icon.
If you click in further, you can see the details for all the types of fuel at an individual station.

It also has the ability to find a gas station along your route and adding it as a stop (though admittedly not as intuitive at Google Maps or Waze).

The data looks pretty complete and up to date, so if you enjoy using Mapquest maps, make sure to grab the app!

Mapquest is available for both Android and iOS.

App for iOS

App for Android

Gas Stations For RV's

As a full time RV traveling family, we are always VERY diligent in finding a gas station that can accommodate our rig. We are over 50ft. long when towing, so we need some elbow room!

Here are some resources for your Rvers out there!

Truck & RV Fuel Stations

This app is perfect for RV owners or truck drivers looking to stations that are meant for bigger vehicles. It only shows Loves, Petro, Pilot, Flying J, Travel America (TA), AmBest, Road Ranger and Sapp Brothers fueling stations.

It also shows things like dump stations and propane refill stations, great for RV owners on the road!

Sadly, this app is only available for iOS, but if you're an iPhone user with a big rig, you can check it out below.

Track & RV Fuel Stations for iOS

Gas Buddy RV Friendly Gas Stations

GasBuddy doesn't have a feature in the app (yet) for big rigs, BUT, they do have a user-generated database of RV Friendly Gas Stations.

Check out the map below:

5 Tips For Saving Money On Gas

Having logged over 50,000 traveling around the US over the past 18 months, we've learned a thing or two about saving on fuel costs. Follow these money-saving tips to keep your gas mileage high, and your wallet fat!

  1. Tire Pressure. This is the BEST way to get better mileage. Inflate your tires to the highest manufacture rated amount, giving your LESS friction and allow the car to roll easier.
  2. Plan Your Route. Don't waste gas just because the route is faster. Set your navigation app to show the "shortest distance" to save on fuel.
  3. Accelerate slow and stay under 2,000 RPM. When driving, accelerate slower, keep your RPM low and don't drive too fast. Most cars get the BEST gas mileage under 2,000 RPM, and shifting below 3,000 RPM.
  4. Don't Idle. I get it, it's cold outside and you need the car to "warm up" to you can drive it. But you don't….not if you want to save money on gas. Throw on a jacket and don't let you car idle unless you're driving it on the road. Simple!
  5. Too much junk in the trunk? Lose it! Extra weight will hurt your gas mileage, so make sure you're not carrying around extra stuff you don't need. Empty your car (check the trunk!) before each trip to keep the weight down and save some dough!

Download An App And Save Money At The Gas Station!

Ok, now it's your turn. Grab your favorite app and find the best prices around. Finding cheap gas nearby isn't hard, it's only a few taps away!

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