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4 Steps To Less Money Stress!

Stop stressing about money and enjoy more financial freedom!

Are You Tired Of Feeling Stuck?

Paychecks come in. Money goes out.

And you're left wondering where it all went?!

Add in bills, commitments and unexpected expenses on top of it all......HELLO STRESS!

Sound familiar?

I'm Jacob Wade (formerly known as the guy who spent $500/mo on mall food!), now recognized as a national budgeting expert by places like Forbes, CNET, MSN Money and Yahoo! Finance.

I want to show you that money does NOT have to be stressful!

In this FREE workshop, you will learn:

  1. The REAL reason money is so stressful
  2. The most important piece of money advice I ever received (this changed everything)
  3. The 4 step process to stop stressing about money and finally make some progress.

If you are DONE stressing about your finances, and want to maximize your money, this is for you!

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Presented by

Jacob Wade

August 14, 2020
2:00pm Eastern Time

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